Custom Pinstriping

All Pinstriping is free hand, not masked, a true, old-school quality. Designs can be any style, color or size. We can match any other style of stripes or lettering. All striping comes with a lifetime guarantee

Custom Lettering

All lettering is painted freehand in any color, font or size. The unique quality and craftsmanship of hand painted lettering will always surpass the standardized, uniform look of a computerized image.


Guilding is done by using Goldleaf to add to the unique style to pinstripes or lettering. Guilding can be done in Goldleaf, Silverleaf, Copperleaf or Verigated leaf.


Airbrushing techniques can be used to paint custom murals and add shadows or accents to any artwork or lettering.

More Info

Hand painted artwork is especially owner friendly due to the smooth finish. Paint edges are almost non-existent due to the free hand flow of paint. Painted artwork becomes part of the paint job and is the highest quality for both looks and feel. There is no sharp edge created by masking tape or the edge associated with a glue on vinyl decal, which both collect wax and dirt. All artwork is painted using "Sign Painters One Shot" lettering enamel which is extremely durable, yet can later be removed at anytime with no damage to original base paint.